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Welcome to
"Tuned to Vintage Radios"

Your one-stop source of information and guidance in the restoration, collection, and preservation of antique and vintage radios.

From basic electronics, to wood and bakelite restoration, to tips and tricks from experienced radio restorers, we have it all!


Learning Radio Electronics


Learning Radio Restoration


There are many people who have electronics as a vocation or as a hobby, but that usually means modern circuits based on chips and transistors. Many radios built in the past 50 years employ transistors, but a vast number were built with earlier technology including crystals and tubes.

This once common technology requires a different set of resources and training that is not always easy to locate. Our electronics tab above will be one source of such information.

As time permits, we will add tutorials and links to resources that will be valuable to the novice and experienced hobbyist alike.


Hand-in-hand with the electronics involved with radios are a host of other subjects. These include restoration of wood, bakelite, and catalin, wood finishes, wiring and soldering techniques, and a host of other subjects.

Our restoration tab above will be your gateway to those subjects and more. Over time, we will add articles and photos on as many aspects of radio restoration as we can.

You are invited to add to this discussion by submitting articles and other resources to help others in their pursuit of this most enjoyable of hobbys.


Finding Parts, Books & More


Available Radios


One of the most common questions we encounter, is related to the availability of parts needed to repair or restore an antique or vintage radio. Tubes are often the first item on the list for a novice, but collectors know that this is usually an easily obtainabe part.

Othe items are not so easy to find, but a good place to start would be our Resources and Library links above. Here you will find links to parts, books and much more.

If you have corrections, additions, or suggestions, we are always open to your assistance.


From time-to-time there will be radios or other items available for sale or trade. We will make them available through the following links:



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